Windows lotto Pro

Windows lotto pro

Windows Lotto Pro 2008 is a software program for people who have never

managed to win anything above $5 by picking the numbers on their own.

This is the hottest selling software program that has made playing the

lotto a lot of fun and has been productive to its users. Many users

today swear by it, however do not mistake it to make you a millionaire

in an instant. However, you can make decent sums of money using this

program and won’t have to rely on your intuition or luck all the time.

Basically what this program does is that it increases your chances of

winning and takes you ever closer to hitting that elusive jackpot.

The Windows Lotto Pro 2008 software is easy to learn and very user

friendly. Based on the previous drawings the smart number wizard picks

the numbers you play. It is designed to work with all types of lottery

games. The best part of this program is that you don’t have to spend

time computing the winning numbers, instead the software does it for you

and it prints directly on the betting slips. The program has inbuilt

filters that eliminate unlikely combinations and checks your winning

numbers for errors before printing.

You need to purchase the program only once, all the new updates are free

for a life time. The program has an updated drawing history of all the

North American and European lotteries along with some other

international lotteries. The program automatically downloads the latest

results and updates its history. The makers of this fantastic software

is Data Solutions, Florida, US. The software company has been making

lottery software since 1989. The Windows Lotto Pro has received many

awards and is rated very highly by Tucows,, and


Although the program has drawing histories of several countries you can

create a drawing file if your country is not listed in its ‘in built’

drawing list. The single user software program retails for as low as $40

and there are several payment options to choose from. However, you may

use the free trial version for 15 days before you actually buy it. The

program comes with a well designed, easy to use user manual that makes

using the software a breeze. The makers of this Windows Lotto Pro 2008

also offer a 30 day money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied

with the product.

So, if you want to maximize your payoffs you can’t ignore the Windows

Lotto Pro 2008.

Good Luck. Support The Red Cross - Liechtenstein Lotto have a guaranteed jackpot

of EURO 20 million and is the only lotto that sponsor the Red Cross.

Grab a lotto ticket today knowing that some of your money will be going

to much needed aid work all around the world!

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