Use raschig rings packing to improve the efficiency of your column

Your move to introduce random packing into your distillation, absorption, cooling, heating, stripping, or regeneration tower or column will bear better results only when you use raschig rings packing to improve the efficiency of your column. These innovative yet simple rings offer enhanced contact area for efficient liquid gas distribution in a safe and cost effective manner.

Various processes including distillation involves boiling volatile liquids such as fermented mixtures or mash until the ethanol present in the mash starts to evaporate and proceed to the next step of condensation. However, this move requires a lot of energy in the form of heat and raschig rings offer a combined solution to effectively separate purer ethanol from water and other substances without causing a pressure drop that would require additional heat to stabilize. These rings also polish the ethanol while preventing other substances from slipping out of the boiling vessel.

Similarly, if your production process requires the use of towers or columns for various other related processes then you can certainly opt for random packing for your column internals that are available in a host of materials and sizes to suit your production requirements. As compared to traditional balls or pall rings that have been used as distillation column packing as well as in other processes, raschig rings packing offers a very high amount of surface area for enhanced liquid gas distribution and are now used on a large scale in mass transfer processes all around the globe. Most raschig rings are equal in height and diameter, and offer improved contact area provided you stack them in the appropriate quantity within your tower or column.

You can certainly browse through a wide range of raschig rings that range from 6 mm to 150 mm in diameter in several websites that represent various manufacturers and dealers located all around the world. This raschig rings packing is also available in different materials such as various types of metals, plastics, and even glass and ceramic. In choosing raschig rings ceramic should be explored as a material of choice since such rings fired in high temperature kilns offer excellent resistance to heat and are also resistant to most organic solvents as well as strong acids too. The high density of ceramic raschig rings also provides each ring with high mechanical strength and can thus be stacked in larger quantities within your column to further boost the required process. You will also save a lot of energy by using raschig rings since they do help in preventing sudden pressure drops during distilling and other processes.

While there are several other products in the market such as berl saddles, intalox saddles, etc, raschig rings have managed to hold the fort due to its hardy construction and high density, high resistance to heat and acids, simplicity in design and low cost, and ability to deliver results in demanding conditions. You too should look towards this form of packing if you want to improve the efficiency of your tower or column at extremely cost effective rates.

Whether you operate in the chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, gas, or metallurgy industry, among others, or are simply an eager alcohol enthusiast operating a small distilling kit with a distilling column, you should certainly ensure that your column internals contain packing material that can noticeably enhance the required process. You should certainly use raschig rings packing to improve the efficiency of your column to get rewarded with a high yield that is pure and strong while also being devoid of unwanted contaminants.

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