The unique and rare black whisky

Loch dhu black whisky is truly exclusive. Not basically will its pitch black color draw you its velvety taste and its smoky aroma will comfortably surprise you. The bottle too appears to be one of a kind and a number are convinced to keep it as a collectors item. The black color derives from the sweet oak casks it is stored in.

The word Loch Dhu means black lake in Gaelic and this single malt whisky was in formation only for a short time in the 1990’s. Because of its rarity it immediately had a supporter following of its own and received cult status amongst its supporters. Today unopened bottles of this black whisky fetch good selling prices and it is increasingly becoming tough to lay your hands on an unopened bottle.

Black whisky was basically distilled in the Mannochmore distillery. The distillery is actually in Speyside region of interior Scotland. As far as its lineage is considered it can be said that there was basically a distillery there long ago in 1876. The water applied in its preparation is from Bardon Bum that is based on the hills of Mannochmore hills.

The color was produced from storing it in double charred sweet oak casks. The sweet and smoky flavor is the direct outcome of charring the oaks twice. This velvety drink that has shades of honey and fruit is complicated, dry and well balanced. Having said that, not all people that tastes it likes it the first time around. You need to drink it a couple of times to really love its taste.

This one of a kind black whisky is accessible for connoisseurs all the way through UK, USA and Europe. It retails for about £190 200 in the UK. For those outside the above noted areas there is always the option of purchasing it online and the company delivers it in a properly packaged state. Transaction can be made possible by using PayPal.

As stated earlier this whisky does not really endear one and all in the first period. There are quite a few who think it is absolutely terrible and some who enjoys it. If you happen to examine several of the testimonials on the internet you will see mixed responses to this black whisky. some have even proposed that you use it on your furniture for attaining that mahogany look. Then again, it is a good idea that you don’t depend on these types of reviews but taste it at least one time before you judge. It definitely is not as bad as it is made out to be by several people.

The basis for its unique taste is possibly due to the fact that the distillery does not make apply of a purifier between the lyne arm and the condenser. Don’t permit the color and the taste distract you. It is absolutely worth owning a bottle as it will get you a good yield on investment.

For the active whisky enthusiast that truly drinks for the pleasure and fun of drinking the black whisky is extraordinary and interesting. After all it is only a beverage and a good one at that.

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