The South Beach Diet Is What We Are Going To Be Examining In The Following Paragraphs

A diet that has been become very popular within the last few years is the South Beach Diet, which was created by a cardiologist, Dr Arthur Agatston. He made the dietary plan to help his cardiac patients lose weight, together with dealing with their ongoing symptoms. He had no idea that his diet would be so successful in helping people around the world shed their unwanted weight and in no way did he ever think there would be so many people that would get the figures they always desired. flu virus

In relation to following the weight loss program you’re going to find that this program is very simple to follow when compared with some of the other diets available today. It has three different phases, with the first two just lasting a short amount of time, the third phase is really a long term diet program which is designed to keep the weight you have lost off completely. Precisely what makes this program so simple is the fact the you don’t have to count calories to be able to lose some weight, you simply adhere to a diet program which provides you with healthy but enjoyable meals. With regards to eating carbohydrates you are going to find that this isn’t something you are going to be able to do during the first phase of this program. I’m sure many of you know what carbohydrates are, but for those of you that are unaware you will not be able to eat bread or pasta, and this also includes such things as soda or cakes. For many folks this isn’t going to be a difficult diet to follow so long as you like and eggs, meats, vegetables and different kinds of cheese, which is all you are allowed to eat for the first two weeks.

Phase 2 of this diet will allow you to start eating carbohydrates again in a minimum fashion and you’re going to discover that this phase will last for about six weeks or until you achieve your target weight, whichever comes first. Carbs will be added slowly, so you are able to decide which carbs are good ones and also which ones are bad. Although you will be able to add your carbs back into your diet you’re going to discover that foods that are high in fat will no longer be allowed. Stage two is about finding out how to balance out your diet to be able to achieve your weight loss objectives. In order to maintain your weight loss and remain eating healthy you’re going to see that the third stage of this program will help you accomplish this.

At this stage you have permanently changed your eating habits which is what is going to make it so easy for you to follow phase three of the system. Changing the way you think of food along with your eating habits will be something that is really important with regards to maintaining your weight loss. Of course after you complete the first two phases you are going to find that you feel so far better that you’re not going to want to resume your old eating habits. By changing the way you look at food and eating healthy you are going to see that this program will wind up being incredibly successful. spanish flu

If you’re wondering how successful this program is you should realize that there are loads of different success stories from people who have had amazing weight loss. This not only teaches you how to eat healthy, but also what portions you need to be eating which means it’s a good diet if you want to learn to eat the right foods.

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