Pay heed to choosing distillation column packing to optimize production

Whether you love distilling on your home distillation kit or are in charge of a commercial distillery, you should certainly pay heed to choosing distillation column packing to optimize production. The right column packing can remove harmful contaminants as well as polish your distilled products to make them stronger and purer while reducing wastage at the same time.

Whether you have attached a distilling column over your pot distillation equipment at home or have a vertical tower to distill various chemicals on a large scale, it is your column internals that will make a vital difference to the quality and quantity of your distilled products condensing out of the other end of the distillation equipment. If you have opted for random column packing then you will need to choose from various types of packing that are available in different shapes, sizes and materials to suit and enhance your particular distillation process.

If you have a home distilling kit then you can simply opt for small sized ceramic raschig rings that can easily filter out harmful elements such as ethyl acetate, acetone, etc while only allowing pure ethanol to pass through in vapor form towards the collection vessel. You can similarly again opt for raschig ceramic rings during commercial distillation since these rings are extremely sturdy due to their circular shape and dense construction. This form of distillation column packing can easily be stacked in larger quantities even in a deep bed without fear of breakage or distortion. This would not be the case if you opted for berl or intalox saddles that might have certain positive attributes but cannot be stacked in larger quantities due to their saddle type shape that makes them more vulnerable to breakage.

In raschig rings ceramic too is a better option than plastic or metals and makes for ideal distillation column packing due to high tolerance levels against high heat and strong acids. Ceramic can also be produced in large quantities that further reduce its cost and can thus fit securely within your column as well as your budget. These rings are usually available in diameter sizes between 10 mm and 150 mm although custom sizes can also be ordered from select manufacturers. The right packing can truly increase contact area as well as enhance liquid gas distribution without sudden drop in pressure. This translates into savings in energy as well as optimized distillation that will save money whether you use the packing on a small or large scale.

Hardy distillation column packing such as ceramic raschig rings can also be procured easily with a few clicks of your computer mouse and can be delivered right at your home or your plant, which in turn can save a lot of time that would have been wasted in seeking out suppliers from actual industrial supply stores. In addition to distilling processes, these rings can also be used in scrubbing, stripping, regeneration, drying, cooling, and absorption towers or columns in a truly cost effective and safe manner.

Your distilling column would truly be incomplete without adequate packing material stacked in an efficient manner. Whether you have a tiny column or an industrial size distilling column, you should certainly pay heed to choosing distillation column packing to optimize production so as to lower your efforts as well as your costs at the same time.

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