Experience the best from jamaica with myers rum

In case you truly want to savor rum which has been developed in one of the best nations in the world that boasts of perfect ingredients and local climate then you ought to simply kick your feet back and enjoy the best from Jamaica along with myers rum. This particular premium rum brand is a part of a number of other terrific brands made available from the multi-faceted global giant Diageo whiskey yeast.

Along with excellent rum, Diageo PLC also offers brandy, cognac, gin, schnapps, tequila, vodka, and so on the entire world but in case you are a complete rum enthusiast then you can definitely appreciate some of the finest rum which originates out of their Jamaican distilleries. The brand Myers was taken when the creator of the brand Fred L Myers, and Diageo began offering this wonderful sugarcane-derived rum for the public way back in 1879. This rum type premiered in the united states in 1934 and it is exported to Canada, Germany, and Japan, among various other destinations.

Diageo also has various other brand names connected with rum within its stable like Bundaberg, Cacique, Captain Morgan, Pampero, as well as zacapa rum in addition to myers rum. This attribute itself should convince you that myers is actually one rum brand name which is offered to you by top rated specialists within the rum industry. Myers alone has 9 superb rums on offer and you should certainly allow your taste buds to happily enjoy each kind of rum if you are indeed intent on sipping upon among the best rum that flows out of Jamaica.

One such rum that furthermore mixes well in a variety of rum cocktails could be the Original Dark Myers Rum. This black or dark rum imparts an excellent flavor to various types of rum drinks and you might have noticed that the majority of bars likewise choose this specific delicious variant to improve their own cocktails. One more work of art from myers is definitely the Myers Legend Rum that is bottled with 40 percent alcohol potency. This smooth rum too is actually dark rum could immediately capture your heart and your senses the moment you lay your eyes on the quite short and flat circular bottle. If you can handle robust rum you may surely enjoy this variant straight from the bottle or perhaps drink it on the rocks.

If you love white or even light rum then myers rum offers Myers Platinum Rum that will surely please your own tastebuds when you incorporate this in a variety of rum recipes which includes truly delicious mojito recipes. You can also create your own unique rum beverage by using numerous rums from the myers stable as well as present your masterpieces by calling good friends to your house. Your loved ones will truly value your superb choice in rum whilst they relish each and every distinctive recipe that might have been elevated due to the introduction of myers. Whilst there are many other brands of rum such as don q rum, el dorado rum, old monk rum, pyrat rum, and some others which also develop dark rums, both myers and zacapa have experienced steady running merely because of the quality and smoothness of their rums, and also the rich experience of Diageo in creating them check this.

Your own long as well as happy journey into the world of rum calls for a halt at Diageo that offers various light and dark rums through the myers range. The combination of the wonderful climate and key ingredients from Jamaica, and the competence in creating several alcohols and spirits including rum by Diageo should certainly encourage you to take pleasure in the finest of jamaica with a glass of myers rum in your own hand.

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