Enhance column efficiency with high alumina ball packing

Your aim to increase the output of your products as well as maintain a tight leash on production costs can surely be achieved when you enhance column efficiency with high alumina ball packing. These alumina balls offer a sturdy packing option for your tower or column and can truly work out to be a very cost effective packing in the long run.

Alumina balls contain aluminium oxide that are manufactured in a high temperature firing kiln and thus have excellent heat resistance properties. If you need to run a distilling, absorption, stripping, heating, or regeneration tower or column then these balls can work as excellent packing within your tower for ideal liquid gas distribution. These balls also offer high resistance to strong alkalis, acids, and most organic solvents. These inert balls are also resistant to high pressures and have extremely low absorption levels. All these factors make them ideal as column packing that can also protect catalysts with low strength.

Alumina balls are used in natural gas, fertilizer, petrochemical, chemical, and even in environmental protection industries and each high alumina ball used in your column can contribute towards a higher yield of your desired product. These balls can be purchased in bags or drums and stacked within your column without any fear of breakage or deformation due to their dense structure. In fact, these balls are so strong that their variants are also used for grinding and milling in various industries too. While you can also use raschig rings, pall rings, berl saddles, intalox saddles, etc for your packing needs, these alumina balls can take care of your high pressure and high temperature needs in a very efficient and cost effective way. Other types of packing materials do have limitations when it comes to stacking them in deep beds or in large numbers.

If you require alumina balls for your column or tower then you can seek out several suppliers by simply visiting the internet. There are many manufacturers as well as dealers that can supply high alumina balls of various sizes to suit your specific cooling, stripping, distilling, or absorption requirement among others. You can compare technical features as well as prices and shipping costs of various suppliers before making an informed decision. The balls can then be shipped directly to your chosen address. This move will eliminate physically visiting suppliers that might be located in another town, city, or country. The smooth and tough exterior of each ball will truly ensure that your chosen process provides a higher yield without raising your energy costs.

If you have tried out various types of packing such as saddles or rings made out of different types of plastics or metals or ceramics then it is time to try out high alumina balls for superior liquid and gas distribution as well as protection of activated catalysts. You can choose from standard sizes or even order for specific sizes to suit your requirements. These high density balls truly make for excellent column internals that operate in a safe and efficient manner.

If your tower or column requires higher quantities of rugged packing materials then alumina balls that are created in high fired kilns and possess high density characteristics can truly fit the bill. You can certainly enhance column efficiency with high alumina ball packing that offers a cost effective solution to your specific needs.

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