Bring some change in your lifestyle with vanilla chai tea

If you have stuck to sipping plain coffee or tea all your life it’s the perfect time to bring some transformation into your lifestyle with vanilla chai tea. Chai or tea too is an excellent refresher with reduced caffeine content as compared to coffee and makes for a welcome change if you’ve been bored of drinking simply coffee during your breaks.

You too can make exceptional gourmet coffee or tea drinks similar to a barista with just a bit of experience. When you finally get the ingredients in the right order and quantity then you drink is certain to please your palate while making your guests smile with good tasting pleasure. While drinking refreshing coffee would require roasting your green coffee beans and also brewing them within a coffee maker, drinking chai or perhaps flavored chai does not require any roasting in any way.

You can easily make delicious chai in your own home by heating up approximately half a cup of water with the needed volume of sugar to boiling point. If you wish to include some zing towards your chai then you can include mint leaves, cinnamon or ginger towards your tea. Once your water starts to boil then you can certainly add around one-third cup of milk to your boiling water and carry it to a boil again. Once you dip your tea bag within your water and milk concoction your chai is ready. If you’d like to merge tea leaves in place of using a tea bag then you must do it during the starting point itself.

While many people enjoy this version of chai, you can also go one step further and put special flavors to that tea just like you would do to your coffee drink. Vanilla is a flavor that allows any drink with a amazing new aroma and taste which is certain to leave a smile on any individual that sips on that drink. You too can turn your humble chai into vanilla chai tea by infusing the finished drink with vanilla flavor. A good way to do it is to use vanilla syrup bottles which are abundantly obtainable in food stores. You should make sure that you look at the labels of these bottles properly since they contain sugar, which isn’t healthy ultimately.

You can also try adding sugar free vanilla syrup in your chai but obtaining the same taste as the sugared syrup might pose an issue. Anyway, syrups are very pricey to sustain over time and a better sugar free version does take place in a dependable online shop. A number of syrup flavors also curdle the hot milk in tea or maybe coffee and thus might be unsuitable. You could possibly order for compact bottles that supply delightful flavor to coffee and chai with only several drops. This approach is not only healthy but also very cost effective too. The attractive element is that you can blend in this sugar free vanilla flavor in your chai within a few moments and also serve it towards your guests.

Together with vanilla, you may also try blending in amaretto, melon, hazelnut, and plenty of other flavors in your steaming chai. Each break will now seem to turn into a mini-vacation for your mind when you quickly prepare your chai and blend in the required flavor such as vanilla. You can now turn into a chai barista and offer gourmet tea to your loved ones.

If you want a pleasant change from your regular coffee routine you may ready your own chai or tea within a few minutes. It’s also possible to go a measure further in pleasing your taste buds by blending in mouth-watering vanilla flavor which include a few other flavors in your chai. If you can’t recall the time you commenced drinking plain coffee or chai then it’s time for you to bring some difference into your lifestyle with vanilla chai tea.

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