Absinthe, How To Prepare?

Absinthe is not consumed much like your everyday spirits like whiskey or rum. Absinthe has many history and culture connected with it and was always prepared and drunk using a traditional ritual. You will find two approaches that can answer your question how to prepare absinthe?. First is the conventional French ritual and the next is the modern-day Czech ritual. Both rituals are enjoyable and possibly the key reason why absinthe takes up a place of pride amongst all alcohol based drinks.

Absinthe is manufactured out of a number of herbs including wormwood, anise, fennel, veronica root, angelica, hyssop and many other herbs. The main herbs or the “holy trinity” as they are absinthebook.com named are wormwood, anise, and fennel. The other herbs are utilized to color and add certain flavors to absinthe. All real absinthes are bitter because of the presence of absinthin an ingredient that is certainly present in wormwood. To counter this bitter taste and make the drink more palatable all absinthes are generally served with sugar. Sugar also enhances the different herbal flavors in absinthe.

Absinthe rituals are majestic and entail special absinthe spoons, absinthe glasses, absinthe fountains, cold water, and sugar cubes. The standard absinthe ritual is immortalized in a number of classic movies, plays and novels. The ritual has also been a subject of numerous paintings by fantastic masters of the nineteenth century.

In the conventional French ritual, loved by most connoisseurs, a dose or way of measuring absinthe is added in a special absinthe glass and a perforated absinthe spoon is put on the rim of the glass. A sugar cube is positioned on the spoon and cold water is slowly and gradually dripped over the sugar cube. The water is dripped from an absinthe fountain. As the sugar cube melts it sheds through the perforations in the spoon into the glass, creating the louche effect. The absinthe in the glass changes from emerald green to opaque opalescent white as essential oils from the numerous herbs in absinthe are precipitated. When the sugar cube is totally mixed some water is added and the drink is then served. Absinthe is best loved if sipped gradually during a period of time. When sipped little by little you can actually feel the unique results of absinthe trigger and you experience a clear headed inebriation that you could never encounter with other drinks. Primarily three parts of ice cold water are included with one part of absinthe. The real connoisseurs add water very carefully usually drop by drop because green absinthe becomes milky. This ritual contributes to the mystery and enchantment of absinthe, the drink. No other drink on this planet is prepared using this sort of fine ritual. This standard ritual was adopted by both commoners and the aristocrats. Absinthe is never drunk neat and ice cubes in no way added to the glass, only cold water is added in from an absinthe fountain.

With the come back of absinthe consumers are taking good deal of curiosity about absinthe rituals and absinthe accessories. It’s not at all uncommon for true absintheurs to pay large sums of money to purchase nineteenth century classic absinthes, hand-crafted absinthe spoons, fine absinthe glasses and other absinthe accessories.

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